Successful Whitefish Rescue

Whitefish rescue! This poor kitty spent last winter shivering under a porch and roaming the streets looking for food. Chris, who lives in the area finally coaxed her into his house last night and she slept next to his head all night, basking in the warmth, love and comfort she has not known for a whole year. He called us for help because he can’t have pets where he lives. Bonnie responded immediately and kitty was rescued. We were sick when we discovered she was also DECLAWED! She is stunningly beautiful, Lynxpoint Siamese, with beautiful blue eyes, needs a quiet home where she can be loved and cherished. For more details call KittyMOM at 752-4460. Thank you Chris and Bonnie for helping this kitty escape another cold winter on the streets of Whitefish. You are both heroes!rescue

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