About Kitty Mom


KittyMOM with 2 rescued kitties

KittyMOM’s Rescue Organization is a non-profit, 501(3)c and is  dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, sick and stray cats and kittens by offering warmth, shelter, food, vet care, spaying and neutering and finding good responsible homes. It is our passion to end the suffering of homeless cats.


Darcy Jackson Albert lives in Kalispell, Montana, and is devoted to cat rescue in the Flathead Valley area.  We have volunteers in every corner of the county and can respond on a moments notice to emergencies.  Unlike other rescues, we rarely take kitties from the local shelters, but try to be available for the ones on the street that are sick, hungry and cold.

After 30 years of working for CenturyTel Darcy retired in 2007 and began her cat and kitten rescue as a full-time passion.  “I feel like I am saving little lives every day and it is so rewarding to know that I am making a difference.  I meet wonderful people and wonderful little kitties.”

KittyMOM’s Rescue is in the height of kitten and cat rescue season now and Darcy’s facility, which is a room in her spacious home, is always full.  She is caring for kittens and cats, spaying and neutering, recruiting foster homes and organizing monthly adoption events at the Petco store in Kalispell.

KittyMOM’s Rescue Organization is a great place to volunteer, foster and donate.

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